About Us

People won’t remember you for what you do for them, but they’ll remember you for how you made them feel

I’m Josh, your freelance Website Designer and Photographer.

2013… A time for change,
We began early 2013 after my first few lessons in Website Designing creating our very own website on our own chosen topic, I had a passion for completing such courses in this area of work and I finally realised something… I was good at something, and I enjoyed it, just a bit more than expected. So as any 15 year old would, I whipped up my first business page to chuck onto a .tk domain. Obviously .tk was very sketchy and I never had any money to pay for a domain so .tk was our first domain name. My first job for Pacey Designs came around and charging little to nothing I finally had some sort of credit in my funds.
My first job as a Checkout Operator came around and the first thing I spent my paycheck on was a proper domain. Paceydesigns.com was now finally a proper domain and that’s where we are today. Many different designs later and we have our feet on the ground and better than ever. Serving people from all over the world.. Ranging from Adelaide, South Australia to British Columbia, Canada.

We will make a website for anyone, individuals, organisations and businesses alike.

We will only create content that is clean and legal. Sexually explicit, distastful or other questionable content will and wont be permitted to be put through the designing stage but will be turned away and possibly even reported to authorities. Pacey Designs under no circumstances will tolerate slanderous or defamatory content or any sites that provide links to virus ridden websites or unauthorised distribution of copyrighted works.

Pacey Designs will work in cooperation with web hosting providers and the Australian Federal Police when required to deal with abuse of the terms and conditions

Pacey Designs also has the rights to take down any content or revoke access to our website in extreme cases without notice if the terms have been ignored.

When you visit our product pages all you have to do is click on the quote box under the pricing and fill out the Google Form provided. We will be in contact with you as soon as we get the notification or within 24-48 hours depending on how busy we are.