Network Installations

Have a new business and you need a super duper WiFi setup?

Pacey Designs now can setup your WiFi & Network’s
We only use the best enterprise WiFi gear in the business.

So what exactly do we do?

Wireless Installs

Server Rack Installations

Our first ever install

One of our current clients, currently on their Internet Service Providers Modem/Router solution, they had experienced outages where their Router would become overloaded from what they believed, was the NBNCo’s services.

They decided that they had enough with their current solution and wanted something more stable, reliable and most of all, FAST. They got in contact with us here at Pacey Designs and we got to work, we came over and measured up how much cable was needed and where they wanted to have their access point. They decided they wanted to have it up where the NBNCo had setup their modem so we got to work, came in and setup the new access point. As they already had a Network Attached Storage (NAS), I could setup the controller software so they could access their Access Point and configure it to their own specification if they decided they wanted to change things around.


How itΒ works

The internet comes in via copper cabling and is converted at the NBN Routing Gateway and then it gets passed to the ISP Router which handles;

  • IP assignments for the computers that are connecting to the internet and;
  • Phone calls

From the ISP Router, It has the WiFi disabled and is only using the Ethernet Ports.

  • Ethernet Port 1 is connected to the clients Network Attached Storage and
  • Ethernet Port 2, is the Access Point which handles all WiFi connections to wireless devices.


This is what it looks like mounted

The client didn’t want to include conduit to hide the cabling.


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